Why Zedtec?

With a reputation as one of the market leaders in producing revolutionary designs in forehearths and glass conditioning, Zedtec has forged strong links over many years with the international glass industry. Many of our innovative designs have subsequently been adopted as the industry standard including the widely used high pressure firing system and can offer many benefits to you:

Reduced Maintenance and Production Downtime
Maintenance, and subsequently production downtime, is considerably reduced on the pencil burners because double governor control of the combustion mixture reduces condensate formation at the burner tips.

Enhanced Cooling Capacity
Enhanced cooling capacity can be achieved by utilising Zedtec’s Rapid Cool Technology. This provides cooling without freezing the glass surface. There are no moving parts, again alleviating costly maintenance procedures and production downtime.

Maximising Space
By adopting Rapid Cool Technology, feeders can be designed with a shorter length due to the efficiency of this type of cooling.

No Moving Parts
Zedtec’s hotspot burner technology provides both heating and cooling in distributor zones through the same nozzle mix burner with no moving parts in hot areas.

Improved Safety
All controls are skid mounted away from any heat, making them safer and more user-friendly.

Utilising our experience and working closely with our customers over many years has given us a fully comprehensive understanding of their needs and processes, enabling us to continually break new ground and formulate new technology.

We are continually developing our product range to meet your evolving requirements in glass conditioning.

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